Magic McGregor

It's a popular misconception that McGregor is a sleepy little village. First impressions are very deceiving: one often hears visitors asking locals how they keep themselves occupied, only to be surprised by how much goes on.

Similarly, new McGregor residents can be heard lamenting that their social calendars have never been so busy!

From this page, you will find places of interest, health and wellness as well as general services, not to mention finding out more of the magic that is McGregor.

Places to eat and drink in and around McGregor

The McGregor Saturday Pop-up Market

Places to go in and around McGregor - more details coming soon

Specialised McGregor products and services

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McGregor's almost blink-and-you-will-miss-it market pops up every Saturday morning. Trading starts at 09h00 sharp, ending anywhere between 10h00 and 11h00, depending on the weather and the number of people (customers and stalls).

From bakes and books, to cakes and koeksisters, knitted clothing and toys as well as the not-to-be-missed brakkie happies for your four-legged kids, the McGregor Market is always worth a gander.

Leave with fresh produce, raw honey, fresh produce and a host of other great goodies.

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