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From time to time we will drop you a line or two about happenings in and around McGregor Village

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Curated tours that include the Ride2Nowhere and ... the winner is...

We have been very quiet and missed out on the regular newsletter for March. It was, as we said it was going to be a hectic month. And it was - not just with the Robertson Wedding Fair, but because we've been working on a lot behind the scenes.

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March Madness - a wedding fair, village arts & crafts and much, much more

The year has flown - the month of love is just about done.

We, however, are not done with love!

In this edition, the Robertson Wedding Fair, the second of McGregor's Arts & Crafts as well as our regular news of live events and new listings on our website.

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Magic McGregor - a place of romance and passion

It's hard to believe that school's been back for a while and in less than a month, the year's most romantic weekend will be over, so we have put together some lovely offerings to share with your love.

In addition to our usual updates, we introduce two new listings as well as an exciting a new collaboration.

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Festive Greetings from McGregor

The festive season is a time for relaxing, family, fun, and (often the pain of) giving. In the spirit of the season, here are some gift ideas - especially for those folk for whom it is so hard to choose the perfect gift.

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A perfect pre-season re-"treat"

For many of us, the festive season is both are work and a lot of fun. If we were sensible, and I do speak for myself, we would plan a little break during November that gives us time and space to breath and prepare.

This November, there are two great offerings in McGregor that will enable you to to do this.

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Pay for 2 and get 1 for free - Nailing November

Can you believe that we're in the final quarter of 2018? It's been quite a year, so far, and you probably need a break to re-charge ahead of the silly season.

To help you do this, some of our fabulous establishments are offering you a chance to nail November with a special offer

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Piano recitals, long weekends and pottery workshops

McGregor is recovering from three very exciting weekends in a row. The first, notwithstanding a howling gale, and freezing weather, was yet another very successful Poetry in McGregor. Then the village welcomed the Run- and Ride2Nowhere crew and participants - along with some very welcome rain and snow.

After a lull, we look towards September and October happenings in and around the village.

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Wind, Water and Wine

As spring approaches in our valley, so does the tempo of life, and the South Easter is the harbinger of summer. In our last newsletter we listed a myriad of things that would be happening in and around the village until early September. The Poetry Festival is upon us in just over a week, and then the village is flooded with running and cycling enthusiasts.

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Festivals, slow, of poets and cycles

Winter is a time of extremes in McGregor, and I don't just mean of the weather. It's a time of year when things are either really quiet or the village is chockablock full of people having fun. We are heading into a time like this, from the beginning of August and to September.

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June: time for a meander around McGregor

May came to an end and June has begun with a very busy Wacky Wine Weekend and the launch of the McGregor Wine Meander.

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May is Magic in McGregor

April disappeared in a flash. May, though is autumnal and glorious. Read our newsletter here

Country arts festival and free food - all in Magic McGregor

It's not good to start with an apology, they say, but I am. It's the second month that you are receiving an extra newsletter. I think, though, it's in a good cause. In the newsletter you received a few days ago, I told you about the McGregor Arts Festival - with very little detail. Now we know a little more, and want to share it with you.

Frolicking into March Madness

After the January lull with everyone returning to work and school, McGregor girds its loins for the harvest which, notwithstanding the drought, is in full swing. It’s celebrated by an annual festival which culminates this weekend.

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Magic Monthly Music Recitals in McGregor

We are privileged to have a villager, who has not only created a unique cultural space in McGregor, but who also curates an annual programme that is becoming increasingly popular beyond the village.

For more about the February recitals, click here

Love McGregor? Share it with your Valentine...

For many, Christmas seems like a distant memory, and less a month from today, it's Valentine's Day. Make it one to remember?

For more news and about our romantic mid-week special for Valentines here

Dashing towards December

The season in McGregor is a really festive one with friends and family visiting loved-ones, swallows from abroad in their summer nests, and the now traditional village festivities.

It also has more about the McGregor Wines Race2Nowhere - 1-day MTB race and provides the dates for the 2018 Hands-on Harvest

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November Notions

I clearly got it wrong when I said the weather in McGregor would be perfect. That didn't spoil things, though. Read more in our newsletter which also gives details of pottery workshops at the end of November, and into December 2017.

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October in and around McGregor

October is the month during which McGregor revels in the beauty of spring. Although the weather can be changeable, it’s never freezing (although we’ve been known to cosy up to a nice log fire – just because we can). Nor does it scorch the trees. Just perfect.

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Our first newsletter is out. Included is a special offer for off-season, mid-week and mid-month specials at selected McGregor accommodation .

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