What we do

Destination McGregor offers accommodation and related services to owners and establishments in and around the village of McGregor:

For visitors, we will

  • source accommodation, including for large groups who may be attending special events and family functions
  • provide information about activities and places of interest in the area
  • Concierge services including
        • arrange ready-to-eat meals for late arrivals and/or the provision of other necessities
        • connect you with caterers and/or venues for special events and family functions
        • and other special requests that can be reasonably met by our team
  • arrange wine tastings and tours in and around McGregor and the Robertson Valley, particularly at boutique wineries that are open by appointment only

For out-of-country property owners returning for long stay who don't have local staff:

The Destination McGregor will happily get your McGregor home ready for you by, among other things:

  • cleaning and dusting, and putting fresh linen on the beds
  • stocking the fridge and grocery cupboard from the list you provide - including ensuring that the wine is on ice
  • arranging for the pool and garden to be spruced up ahead of your arrival

Just get in touch and we get your home from home ready so that all you need to do is arrive from Cape Town International airport - and even that we can facilitate for you.

For establishments, their owners and managers

  • A collegial and reciprocal referral system for establishments in the village if they have overflow and/or if they are unable to meet guests' requirements
  • Bespoke accommodation management services

These services arrange from basic accommodation management - guest liaison, set-up, turnaround to a more comprehensive service that includes marketing and maintenance of the accommodation.

Services are available on either a retainer or an ad hoc basis and rates are dependent on the level of service.

Our philosophy

We are committed to using local providers for all our services, beginning right here in McGregor. Where possible we support emergent and micro businesses. This includes

  • supporting an emerging female entrepreneur to build a business, Clean It!!! which provides cleaning and laundry services to our establishments
  • concierge services and food providers are all local, using ingredients that are, as far as possible, sourced in the village or from the Robertson valley
  • starting in McGregor to source artisans and workers to service our properties, to our standards, before looking in Robertson and further afield

Short term and weekend accommodation

McGregor, Western Cape

South Africa

tel: +27 +27 023 625 1450

email: info (at) destinationmcgregor.co.za